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let’s meet

Hello, you.

You probably clicked on over to get to know a little more about me, right?

I’m terrible at bios, so bear with me.

I’m a sleep deprived, but incredibly happy mama to a preschooler & a toddler.

I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas (home of the Alamo, where Pee Wee went looking for his bike).

I can listen to the same song 40 times in a row without getting tired of hearing it.

I love 90′s alternative, and I’m addicted to pinterest.

My first pet was a hamster named Candy.

I’m not afraid to be goofy

I love buying second hand. I love DIY. I love thrifting and finding good deals.

I’m addicted to beautiful presentation, and design.

I love making things

Want to know more about my photographic style?

I heart capturing those messy, silly, love-filled, soulful, fleeting moments that you’ll look back on and cherish. The big smiles, little hands, chubby bellies. The kisses, belly laughs, tiredness, happiness that is your life right now. I want to capture it in all of its beauty for you to remember. My criteria for a good photo: will you look back in 20 years, and want to remember that moment? I’m also obsessed with capturing hands and feet in unique and interesting ways.



Want to know more?

I wasn’t afraid to make bold style choices as a toddler

This was my coolest piercing. It’s gone now. Yes, it hurt.

We got engaged in SJVI- on beautiful Jumbie Beach

We were married on the beach in Negril

This is usually how I react when someone points a camera at me

This is my idea of a wild time now


note: I currently SUCK at blogging in any meaningful frequency!

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client love

some love from my clients

These are INCREDIBLE. You have done a remarkable job, absolutely stunning! They are exactly as we would have wanted them done. I am so excited! We just had such a great time and felt so comfortable with you. Thank You!


We so enjoyed the photo shoot. Helena has been telling everyone about it, so cute! You were so great with her, I can’t wait for Dorothy to get a bit older so we can come back and have you take some more pics. I love the photos. They look so awesome!





Wow, you took some really beautiful photos. Thank you so much. I loved looking through the photos, and I’m happy that Vie and I will both have such tangible, gorgeous memories of her youth when we’re both older.”




LOVE them – wow, so beautiful and totally our style. Thank you so much – you are so talented!

how much?

I also barter, if presented with the right opportunity.

  • whimsical portraits

    due at session

    Where imagination comes to life

    +session design meeting

    + up to 1.5 hour session @ an agreed upon location
    + treats for the little ones
    +professional editing
    + a gallery and slideshow of your session
    + Professionally edited 1-2 portraits of our story
    + your favorite photo in a print

  • family portraits

    Not Currently Available

    Fun, Laughs, and Love captured

    +session design consultation

    + up to 1.5 hour session @ an agreed upon location
    + treats for the little ones
     +professional editing
    + a gallery and slideshow of your session
    + a full resolution copy of ALL photos
    + your favorite photo in a 11×14 or 10×20 print 

Why Book

Not only will you love your beautiful photographs, you'll never want to use another photographer again - and here's why!

  • There’s NO risk

    Love your pics, or you’ll get your choice between a re-shoot or a refund. It’s that simple. I’m committed to giving you a great experience with photos you’ll love.

  • You’ll have fun, for real.

    We’ve all seen them – those photos with the faked smiles, unnatural poses, clichéd settings. That’s not your style and it’s not mine either. We’ll play games, laugh naturally, and I’ll capture your authentic moments

  • Your photos will rock!

    Photo sessions can be stressful for mom & dad. I want to assure you now that your photos will rock! We’ll plan our session, come up with a must have list, and have a great time! Your photos will be professional quality and you’ll love them!

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