Blind Donkey Game

Blind Donkey Game

Hard truth time. Our kids said we don’t have any fun stuff to do in the house. So I asked them to explain what they meant by fun stuff. I was really thrown for a loop when they simply said, “You don’t really play with us.” Ouch. I thought they were going to name off Ipad apps, or new toys. Instead, they called me out for being on my phone too much.

After owning it, and promising to actually play with my children again – I decided to experiment with making up some games to pass the time. I though it’d be fun to share the ones that get a laugh /requested again.

Here’s the first game: Blind Donkey

How to play:

Choose a kid and put them into piggy back. Now close your eyes and let them talk you through how to get from one place to another without bumping into something or falling.


Clear a path of your choosing – and you name where they need to take you.

Trust them and embrace the discomfort in not being able to see anything.

If you’ve got a younger kid who struggles with left and right – they can tap your shoulders to navigate.


Two kids can play – one kid can close their eyes and the other can just talk them through how to get to another place.