If it doesn’t fit – let it go.

If it doesn’t fit – let it go.

If you’re tired of all the crap in your closet (and your life) then read on sister; this post is for you.

One of the worst ways to start your day, is to battle your closet and the feelings that come with clothes that no longer fit. It was how I started my days after my youngest was born. 3 months passed, 6 months passed, and after one year, I looked over and quietly acknowledged that the clothes over on the skinny side of my closet were not even remotely close to fitting. What a shitty feeling! Every morning – I woke up and walked over to my closet and instantly felt less than, ashamed, and critical of myself. So how did I fix it?

I banished every piece of clothing that didn’t fit me or make me feel beautiful. I made space only for the jeans that made me feel sexy. The blouse that goes with everything and fit just right. Sure, I had way less to choose from, but I no longer felt the need to compare and decide I was less than. That moment has set the tone for a way of living for me.

We have very limited energy and time. So why make it harder on ourselves by keeping things that don’t work in our lives? Clothes that don’t fit our bodies. Jobs that drain us. Friends that make us feel bad. Routines that stress us out.

I like to keep things simple. When things are simple, I have energy to create, laugh, and enjoy life. If you find yourself feeling crappy day after day, think about whether that source of crappiness really fits anymore.