Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.

This mindset resonates with me because…. well frankly… I’m lazy. Despite my laziness, I’ve managed to become a working, parenting, jiu-jitsuing, wine drinking member of society. How did I get there? Not by luck, although… I wish. I got there by making hard choices!!!!!

  • Instead of partying in college, I worked full-time and studied my awkward, nerdy ass off.
  • Instead of stuffing my face with chocolate cake everyday like I WANT to, I eat good shit.
  • Instead of skipping Jiu Jitsu and watching Gordon Ramsey yell at people, I show up and choke people.

I have a good job, because I made hard choices and studied hard. You get the drift. This is something I still work at with my kids. Do I want to let them play on the ipad so I can indulge in celebrity gossip after a long day? YES! Do I show up, be present, and engage with my kids instead? Yes.

Great For:
Laziness, Autopilot, Comfort Zones
When to use:
You're feeling torn between something easy and something hard, You want to take the easy way out, You don't want to push yourself, You are feeling lazy
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How to apply this in real life:

  • Write down one thing in your life that makes you want to take the easy way out (For me: waking up 30 minutes earlier. So hard.)
  • Think about what you could accomplish if you were to make the hard choice, and do that hard thing. (I could make art.)
  • Think about how good it would feel to conquer that easy choice, and get that thing done.
  • Try going for a smaller goal, if you can make that big goal. (wake up 10 minutes early)
  • Push through, and make that smaller goal.
  • You can do this!


  • Became the first person in my family to finish college while working full-time. (Many hard choices to invest in myself, and not give up)
  • Pushing through my feelings of social anxiety, and showing up to events where I felt out of place. While those feelings still come up from time to time, I feel much more comfortable in social settings than before.
  • Intentionally living in a smaller place with more financial freedom, and resisting the urge to have a big home to keep up with the Joneses.

Easy choices, hard life. Hard choices, easy life.

Jerzy Gregorek

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