"Somehow, we've defined the goal of schooling as enabling you to have more "right answers" than the person next to you and we penalize incorrect answers"

Tony Wagner
the book ``A More Beautiful Question``

As I go deeper and deeper into “A More Beautiful Question”, I’m feeling more and more compelled to make sure my kids are getting lots of practice with not knowing, and learning to ask good questions. This book is a gold mine for parents, and things they can be doing to help kids stay curious, ask questions, own questions, and see the world differently.

Ideas from this book:

  • I want to create a habit of asking questions. Why questions, What if questions, How questions.
  • I want to help my kids become wrong thinkers – by connecting totally unrelated words and ideas together
  • I want to help my kids understand it’s ok to question. It’s ok to experiment. It’s ok to fail

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