Let them eliminate you.

I picked up this juicy nugget of wisdom from Ramit Sethi, and it’s been as life altering as prime one day shipping for me. For my entire life, my default was to assume I was firmly mediocre and not deserving of incredible opportunities that came my way. In fact, I shunned any chance to put myself out there in ways that could really help me grow. What was so impactful about this one post on Ramit’s blog, was that it specifically talked about how I shouldn’t do other people’s job for them. It’s not my job to eliminate myself, it’s the decision maker’s job to do that. Think about how many times you’ve done other people’s jobs for them, and eliminated yourself.

Great For:
Low Confidence, Imposter Syndrome
When to use:
Anytime you don't feel good enough: job hunt, applying to elite schools, competitions
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How to apply this in real life:

  • Write down what you have to lose by trying, other than a wounded ego.
  • Write down what you’re losing by not trying
  • If you’re really afraid, it’s a sign you need to try!
  • Anytime you are tempted to give up, remember, it’s not your job!
  • It’s your job to go for it 100%


  • Applied at a top private school, even though I was sure we wouldn’t get in. We weren’t rich! We got in!
  • Applied for a job that I was sure I wasn’t going to get. I totally got it!
  • Applied for a contest at brit.co that I didn’t think I’d hear back from. I was one of 10 finalists!
  • Applied for a design thinking workshop at Stanford’s d.school that I was convinced I’d never be selected for. I was! It was amazing!

Don't do their job for them. Let them reject you.

Ramit Sethi

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