Run into things you want to run away from.

I started practicing yoga a few years ago in an attempt to get fit AND some how find inner peace at the same time. Doesn’t that sound so efficient? Since I was a working mom, and had 0 extra time, I practiced at home using an app. I found this instructor named Meghan Currie who I absolutely adored. She’s a yoga goddess, she’s playful, she teaches well, and she made me laugh.

Something I didn’t anticipate when starting yoga, was that it would be hard. Sometimes my body would rail against a pose. Sometimes my mind would be so over the slow pace and I’d feel impatient. I would want to quit. In those moments – Meghan would simply say to run into the feelings I want to run away from. She would talk about how running into these things is what will help you work through them.

The payoff for me became learning how to stay with these feelings of discomfort (physical, mental, and emotional) and use my practice as a chance to really melt into them. To face them and ultimately work through them. Learning to do this became really important for me, because it translates so well into life.

So many things in life can feel hard. So hard you want to run away. Instead, try running into these things.  Embrace the feeling of discomfort. Let yourself work through these feelings, and make it to the other side.

Great For:
Discomfort, Fear, Change, Anxiety
When to use:
When you want to run away from something, when you're afraid to move forward, when you are very uncomfortable.
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How to apply this in real life:

  • Write down one thing that you want to run away from (it can be as small as cleaning the bathroom or finishing that thing you started)
  • While it’s easy to avoid the thing you wrote down, zoom out and think about why you’re avoiding that thing. For me, it’s usually a bigger fear or something. (I’m reluctant to finish that blog post because I’m scared no one will like it. )
  • Now think about what running into that thing would mean. Sure, running into the thing is scary, but I’ve started to look at feeling scared in two ways: 1. It’s a sign that I need to go there. 2. It’s a reminder that I’m alive!


  • Started and stuck with a yoga practice (until my wrists blew up)
  • Started and stuck with a jiu jitsu practice in a gym full of dudes that didn’t want to train with me as a newbie
  • Changing my diet, and eliminating things that were bad for me. There were MANY times I wanted to give into my feelings of discomfort here. But I just leet myself feel those feelings of discomfort and I was able to push through!
  • Hosting all company meetings when I hate attention… and actually having fun!

Run into the things you want to run away from

Meghan Currie

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