Ask Your Kids to Teach You

Being in lockdown with my kids has meant that I hear about Legend of Zelda about half the day on school days, and the entire day on weekends. I hear group arguments about Zelda backstories on FaceTime, with kids passionately arguing their theories. I listen to Zelda music all day. I’m barraged by so much Zelda crap, I find myself silently screaming by the end of the day. At the same time though, remember that love for things you had as a kid? Being so into things that you drove your parents crazy? Those were the days, weren’t they?


I’ve been feeling pretty terrible that the kids haven’t been able to enjoy these experiences in person with their friends. They have been locked down with two old people who don’t get it, and could care less about the amazingness that is Legend of Zelda. These children are fanatical. They spent $36 of their hard earned money to buy a Zelda guide book. It took a month to arrive, and they literally treat this thing like a holy text. They read it together every single night and strategize for the next day. The next day, they focus so intensely on these missions. I’m pretty damn impressed with it all when I stop and really think about it.


Realizing that I’m living with two experts on this game, I thought it could be interesting to ask them to teach me about Zelda. Holy shit, it’s been a ride! First of all, it’s incredibly humbling to be a shitty beginner to a game they know like the back of their hands. We all can’t help but laugh when the two old people are screaming at the controller because they can’t figure out how to change weapons, and aren’t skilled enough to crouch AND walk at the same time. It’s also been an exercise in them learning how to teach us to do these things without laughing too hard at how much we suck. We ask them so many questions, and they’re happy to share the knowledge.


They teach us for 30 minutes everyday, and I have to say it’s the highlight of my day. They light up with the opportunity to share and teach us something they love. It’s quite funny to be a bad beginner, and we laugh a lot at all of the stupid mistakes we make. Above all, it’s really fun to spend time laughing, learning, connecting, and just enjoying the experience.


If you have kids who are super into something right now, try asking them to teach you about it. You might be delighted with the experience of being a humble beginner.

Ask your kids to teach you something today!

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