What if you chose to make purple cows instead?

Have you ever hit a point in your life that feels like change is imminent? Almost like how the air is heavy with the smell of rain, and a gathering of clouds before a storm. You don’t know when or what exactly, but everything is starting to feel …. weird or different.


My mind feels heavy with thought clouds and ideas right now, and I’m readying myself to not make sense to anyone once I’ve arrived at these new ideas. It happens every time. I have a breakthrough in thought, get excited, try to share my excitement with my husband, and he looks at me like I’m speaking toddler to him and he doesn’t want me to feel stupid about it.

Anyway, I’m currently skimming “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” by Cal Newport, and in it, he talks about how important it is to make Purple Cows, which was actually a callout to Seth Godin’s book “Purple Cows”.


A super high level summary in the book is this:

“The world is full of boring stuff —brown cows— which is why so few people pay attention… A purple cow… now that would stand out. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing.”


I really liked that thought. Hold that thought, I went on instagram and saw this video, which was literally a perfect example of the purple cow!



It spread like wildfire! Such an unexpected and interesting mashup of things – this skater dude drinking cranberry juice and jamming to Fleetwood Mac was such an unexpected mashup – that it got everyone talking and sharing!


I loved it. Most of all, I love that the maker of the video is just having fun with it. Yass!


Here is where I ask you: in whatever it is you’re making or doing… how could you transform that into a purple cow? How can you make it remarkable for others?

Purple Cows

Seth Godin

How can you transform what you're working on from a brown cow to a purple cow?

try it!
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