What if you gave yourself an A today?

What would happen if you dropped all of your shit and decided to give yourself an A today? What would you do differently? This was provocative, and intriguing for me when I first read it in “The Art of Possibility”. Wait…. I could just give myself an A? 5 star performer? What would I do to earn that? What could I bring to the table?


I thought about this in the stolen moments between zoom calls, in the shower while lathering, rinsing, and repeating, and at night before falling into a deep slumber. I thought about it for DAYS. First, wrestling with the idea of just deciding I’m an A: Can I even do that?? Aren’t there people that decide that shit? Then, getting so excited about all of the possibilities that revealed themselves once I decided to accept and embrace my A performance.


So how will I earn my A? Instead of holding in all of my new ideas, and weird thoughts, I’m going to bring them to the table. I’m going to challenge the way things have always been done, and I’m going to find and talk about new and better ways. We are all disrupted right now, and it’s my time to bring my ideas forward. The old ways don’t or can’t work anymore, and it’s time to get creative. I’m serving no-one by keeping them to myself. It’s time to push past my fears of looking stupid and being out there all on my own with my ideas. We need bravery and creativity now.


As scary as that sounds to me, it’s also the most alive I’ve felt in so long. I feel inspired, and I keep thinking about what I can do to help others find new and better ways.

So, I’d ask you: What would be possible for you if you decided to give yourself an A today? What would that look like, and what would you do to earn that A?

Rosamund Zander & Ben Zander

Give yourself an A today and play with the possibilities

try it!
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