What if you said yes to the unknown path?

Sometimes you read a book that is so powerful, it changes your entire decision making frame work. That is the gift that Osho’s book on courage has given me. 


My logical, fearful, analytical brain has been in charge for most of my life. I’ve made safe, rational decisions that have blossomed into a productive and comfortable life. But also a life that is routine, boring, and the same. Every day is the same.


How boring. I found myself in a strange place where I craved adventure, travel, escape, and newness, but when opportunities to jump into the unknown appeared, I hesitated and wouldn’t say yes. The unknown was so … scary. 


I knew something had to change when it started to affect my art, my mental state, and my work. I picked up Osho’s book on courage when I found myself afraid of a new opportunity, so afraid that even my fear seemed boring to me.


I left that book fundamentally changed, and I haven’t looked back. Osho taught me that our fears are really created out of one big fear: Death. Every fear we have is an offshoot of our fear of dying. We are scared to quit our jobs, because we would risk homelessness and death. I don’t know about you, but that made total sense to me. To risk something is ultimately to risk death in our lizard brains.  But what is death, but a transition from the known of life, into the ultimate unknown? Wow. This blew my mind. He asserts that we can help prepare ourselves for this transition by learning to choose the unknown path. The unknown path is the risky, uncertain one. It’s the path of courage, growth, and feeling alive.  


With every decision you have in front of you, there’s a good chance you know how one of the paths will go, so why not say YES to the one that’s uncertain? The one that’s risky?  You’re guaranteed to grow and learn from it. You’ll also experience life in an exciting and dynamic way! I’ve said yes to ideas I’ve had, workshop opportunities, the opportunity to meet new people, and to arting my heart out in ways that I would never have been bold enough to try before. It’s been scary, and I’ve never felt more alive and full. 



Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously


When you have two options in front of you, say YES to the uncertain path. You're sure to learn, grow, and feel ALIVE again.

try it!
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