You have f*cking got this.

This is for those of us who are scared to take a risk. To put ourselves out there and assert something we believe.


You need to know you absolutely have got this. I’ve been collecting hard data on this topic for my entire life.


Thinking I know the answer, but being afraid to speak up – only to have been right all along.


Having that cool idea that I don’t put forward because I’m scared to look like a dumbass, only to have that person (who is really a dumbass) put it out there way later, and look like a damn genius.


Refusing to listen to my motherly instinct to do (or not do) something, because the “experts” don’t recommend it. Only to realize later that expert is an idiot and I should have listened to my gut.


Learn to listen to that tiny whisper of intuition. Learn to trust her. Follow her into the scary unknown, and know you’ve got this. You’ve always had this, and you will rock this shit out.

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